The Right Experience

Senior Independence is a pioneer in providing home and community based services, sustaining a 30-year history of growth in serving older adults. Today, Senior Independence serves all of the major metropolitan areas of Ohio, providing a constellation of services to tens of thousands of Ohioans each year.

We Understand You

Senior Independence will help you maximize your current continuum of care through a proven path of service integration. We will help you become successful by partnering with your organization wherever you may be in the process of developing your home and community based program.

iPartner is a shared partnership, not a short-term consultation.

When you become an iPartner you join a network of organizations that, like you, are LeadingAge members committed to serving people in the place they call home. Our iPartners’ online program provides you with continued support and information that will nourish your organization’s leadership and program development.

Contact iPartner

For more information about iPartner, call Senior Independence at 800.686.7800 or send us an email.