Wellness Clinics

v Senior Independence offers the following services at wellness clinics throughout Ohio. If you are interested in attending a clinic or setting up a Senior Independence clinic in your community contact us today.

Health screenings may include cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and nutrition.

Health education is provided through speakers, handouts and self-administered questionnaires.

Nursing Services such as first aid, eye drops, medication set-up, minor dressing changes, injections, and blood draws. Fees for these services may vary by location.

Consultation with a nurse or LPN about medications, health conditions and when to call a doctor.

Vial of Life Emergency Information: Senior Independence clinics will provide every participant a form that is kept in the home that lists their health history and who to contact in case of an emergency.

Coordination of Care: Upon request, a nurse will contact a participant’s doctor to report any health concerns. If a participant is hospitalized, please notify us and we will send a nurse to visit and coordinate discharge plans.