Adult Day Center Participants Go High Tech!

Posted on July 13, 2011 in for Senior Independence

IN2L For seniors who attend Senior Independence adult day centers, the day is filled with many activities, games and socialization. Recently, a new option for engaging seniors was introduced – social networking. To help keep minds active through new technology – the adult day center staff are teaching participants the wonders of computer technology including games and social networking through a new program called ‘It’s Never Too Late (IN2L)’. The IN2L is a computer system geared towards older adult users making it easy and fun to use, therefore encouraging participants who have never used a computer before to employ the technology.

“It has given the staff a countless supply of tools to engage and stimulate our clients! The possibilities are endless,” says Tina Witt, Senior Independence adult day services director. “We have had family members come in to see it because their loved one (who normally doesn't talk about their day) told them all about it the night before when they got home!”

Pictured: Joan Kerr, Senior Independence activities director, assists adult day center client Jack with the interactive touch screen using the new ‘It’s Never Too Late (IN2L)’computer program.

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